Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Chrism Mass.

Cathedral Canon Fr Peter McEvitt began the Mass by leading the Angelus as the bells were rung.

Some of the Priests at the start of the Mass.

The Bishop and Fr John Livesley during the Mass.

The Bishop enters.

The Chrism Mass went well as usual and was very busy, particularly when you consider that it is held on a Tuesday at Midday. Mike Heppleston played the great cathedral organ like it was going out of fashion, the sun shone and happily did not ignite any of the many polyester chasubles by being magnified by the window panes and friends were seen who had not been seen for some time. I took the oils back to St Hildas for the next year and had a good lunch at the Al Faisal curry cafe afterwards. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Manchester has a collection of very basic 'curry cafes' just North of the City Centre, where an excellent meal can be had very cheaply. These were originally built to serve the workers in the clothing factories in this garment district, but it is now a redeveloped, very hip place to live. Everyone has a favourite cafe there and, for what it is worth, that is mine.

Fr John Livesley sings the Gospel Acclamation. Sideways! That's virtuosic skill for you.