Monday, 14 January 2008

Wakefield Police College.


Reassuringly standard.

My bedroom was on the 4th floor!

Any Doctor Who fans will be sad to know that the TARDIS is used for storing gas heaters.

Robin and David bonding. Surprisingly not in the bar!

The powers that be on my course decide in their wisdom that a change of scenery is occasionally a good thing, hence we get shunted off to Wakefield Police College on a regular basis for a weekend of intensive study and bonding. The College is built around Bishopsgarth, the old Palace of the Bishops of Wakefield. Alas, the new buildings are 1960's brutalism at it's worst. I was, though, pleased to see that the Alert State stayed at 'normal' throughout our stay, and we were not evacuated from the bar. However, it is adequate for our needs, the rooms are comfortable enough and the food is plentiful, although I wonder that our Police force do not turn into giant chips. It was surreal to begin the day at 7,30 in a candlelit room praying the office with posters on the wall informing one of how to apprehend burglars and execute a warrant!