Sunday, 27 January 2008

Line Dancing Part II

I'm afraid I did not join in the dancing, leaving it to the experts!

The queues begin.

One of our younger parishoners!

Lets do the timewarp again. Or something like that....

You put your left leg in....

And shake it all about.

Our line dancing evening was a great success and raised some money towards our new Disabled Toilets and kitchen, work on which has already started with visits from the planners. The only hitch was that there was no gas supply in the kitchen for the ovens! It did not really matter, however, as we had a couple of gas burners of our own which we used for heating up the chilli and hot dogs. It was a busy evening, much enjoyed by all. Our grateful thanks go, once again, to the Prairie Dogs for their support. One very positive side to the night was the number of people from the local area who are not Churchgoers that came.