Sunday, 27 January 2008

Domenica III Per Annum.

The Blessed Sacrament is offered to the faithful.

The prayer over the gifts.
The Canon begins.

The sacristy before Benediction.

The High Altar after Benediction.

It has been a busy, but very enjoyable weekend. I had a Burns Night party on Friday Night, with Haggis and whisky and all sorts of wonderment. Saturday I was in Clitheroe then at the line dancing. Sunday we had High Mass which I preached at, then a couple of parishoners invited me to lunch with the Parish Priest before Evensong and Solemn Benediction. It was wonderful to stand in the stalls singing evensong before kneeling in the presence of Christ singing the Tantum Ergo before Benediction and then singing the Divine Praises. Our turnout was not bad for a cold, dark Sunday night in the Suburbs but I think I can confidently say we had more candles than souls (mind you, try counting them!). Ken Savage, Churchwarden and DIY expert, has stopped conniving at my indolence and has now changed the chains on our new thurible. It is perfect, thank you Ken. I was further cheered by seeing my French High Mass set being used for Solemn Benediction (the cope, dalmatic, tunicle, stoles and humeral veil) for the first time. I had to keep refraining from wiping my charcoal covered fingers on my tunicle, however, after an accident in the back passage with the thurible.