Sunday, 23 December 2007

Today At St Hildas.

Star of wonder...

Our Crib.

Simon extinguishing the candles after Benediction.

Some of the faithful.

Today we had the last High Mass of Advent, then I had a lovely venison casserole with the Parish Priest and after that set up the crib. We had a full house for our Carol Service and Solemn Benediction who then later enjoyed mulled wine and home made cakes. By the ingenuity of Andrea, we had hot mulled wine as she brought a gas burner which ran off what I thought was a can of underarm deodorant. It was very effective and we are now wondering if we could use it for soup and stews for other events. It was good to see many local people who do not usually attend Church coming with their children (our Sunday School has doubled in size recently) and so clearly enjoying themselves. I now have eradicated all trace of purple from the Church and am about to light the fire in the lounge and host a drinks reception for some friends, then tomorrow, once the Aspirin have kicked in, I shall begin preparing the Church for Christmas. It really is a constant joy and especially so at this time of year.
By the way, I do think that our crib has a certain theatricality which is not so evident in other local cribs at this time of year!