Thursday, 26 July 2007

High Mass at Stydd Chapel.

St Werburgh's Warburton, hopefully the scene of our Advent Concert.

St Saviours Stydd, from the South.

The Inside of St Saviours.

This Saturday, at 11am, there will be a High Mass at St Saviour's Stydd for the first time since the Reformation. I have been arranging this for some time, so please pray for fine weather! Stydd is in Ribchester, Lancashire. There is a track by the side of the Ribchester Arms car park which takes you to the Roman Catholic Church, this chapel is just up there. I will post pictures of the Mass next week. There is space for a handful more to attend,(maybe five) so come along if you wish. If it is cold, wrap up warm as there is no electricity or heating in the chapel, but we have a cable running from the farm to the organ and plenty of candles!

I am currently trying to arrange an Advent concert at the historic timber framed Warburton Chapel on the 1st December. Again, there is no heating or electric there, but I am in conversation with a gas heater owner, a choir and an orchestra, so we will see how things go!