Sunday, 5 July 2009

Holy Name Cathedral

I spent my Independence Day with a friend who lives and ministers in my See City. After an excellent dinner (roasted aspargus and potatoes, and grilled steak), which I should have taken pictures of and posted all over the internet (see? that's why no one takes me seriously.. I don't photograph my food), we stopped by Holy Name Cathedral, where I managed to take a few photographs. There is a new Cathedral in the works (the new Cathedral parish has already been erected, "Triumph of the Cross," actually, but who knows when the new building will appear!), but for now, here is Holy Name:


Blessed Sacrament side chapel


Side chapel with triptych

Nave shrine

"Diocesan monstrance"
(I wish that the jewels had shown up in the photo... it is breathtakingly beautiful) in the Sacristy


I can't imagine a better way to spend Independence Day: good food, good friend, and church touring.

Pax et bonum.