Saturday, 2 February 2008

Let It Snow!

The garden this morning.

Hopefully the bamboo will survive.

Down the road towards the swimming school. The view would have been a lot nicer before the invention of cars.

Last night, walking back from dinner at Marions house (a local parishoner and friend) at midnight I noticed that it was snowing! It seemed unlikely to stick but it was still snowing when I woke up this morning, so I went out and took some pictures for you all. The garden looks lovely, but I worry about the bamboo's ability to withstand the cold. It is now ten foot tall and thick, as opposed to the four weedy stumps I planted five years ago. It blocks off the back of the house nicely and gives some privacy for when I am outside in the garden in the summer. I look forward to what will be my last Summer Party for the Parish this year in the garden. We squeezed in 80 odd folk last time and we all enjoyed the excellent barrel of specially brewed 'Saint Hilda's Ale' from the excellent Marble Brewery in Manchester. Real Ale is a great passion of mine and the Marble, with it's new wave organic, vegan beers perfectly sums up the eclecticism of the movement. As does the beautiful pub they own in Manchester. Although I have learned to be wary of the new Ginger Marble ale, which tastes wonderfully gingery and is very quaffable, but is about seven percent ABV! I can feel some coming on this Sunday evening if this cold keeps up.