Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ash Wednesday.

The blessed ash out ready for the evening Mass.

The sacristy before the evening Mass.

Censing of the oblata.

Sursum Corda.

Communion is offered.

I have had a busy day today, with a load of work in the early morning including trying to get my boiler fixed, then 10am Low Mass and ashings (a couple even came at 7:30 before they went to work), then a visit to the Hospital to prattle on to the sick, where I met a my friend Father Leonard quite unexpectedly. He was also prattling on to the sick and helping Father Richard the new chaplain and former Priest of Holy Trinity Shaw near Oldham, a good Anglo Catholic Church. The afternoon saw more work at home then I made dinner and went back to Church for the evening High Mass where a couple of musical issues raised themselves concerning what we do and do not have music wise during Lent, so we will iron those out on Sunday. I have just returned home and am enjoying some Blacksticks Blue cheese (thanks Josie) and bread before going to bed. I will start our Stations of the Cross on the blog soon, as I have now photographed them all. I will also be trying to convince my friend Father Bryan from the neighbouring Parish to donate his purple cope to us as it matches the new Dalmatics perfectly. I have, however, been woefully inadequate in seeing him recently, however, but we are going to a Victorian station buffet bar in a few weeks for a beer and cider festival, so I shall pick my moment!

O Jesus, you place on my forehead the sign of your saving Cross:

“Turn from sin and be faithful to the gospel.”

How can I turn from sin unless I turn to you?

You speak, you raise your hand, you touch my mind and call my name,

“Turn to the Lord your God again.”

These days of your favour leave a blessing as you pass on me and all your people.

Turn to us, Lord God, and we shall turn to you.