Sunday, 23 December 2007

St. Michael's, Boise, Idaho

While this wasn't my preference for my first post, it is long past due, and I finally find myself wandering afar. So in keeping with that title of this blog, here is my report of my visit to St. Michael's Cathedral, in Boise, Idaho this Fourth Sunday of Advent. It's with mixed feelings that I bring this, but I will refrain from explicit commentary and let you, kind reader, draw your own conclusions. I must confess that it was in this church that I first started to discern a vocation to the priesthood; so there is no small debt that I owe the people and clergy, regardless of where I've gone from my early days in the Episcopal Church.

You can see the statehouse dome just to the left of the main church tower. Sadly, there are no bells in the tower to my knowledge.

The nativity chapel windows, by Tiffany.

Side altar in the Nativity Chapel, with a nice oil print of St. Michael above. I remember spending a good deal of time meditating here and on this painting.

From the chancel steps. The man on the left acted as verger during the service vested in burgundy cassock and black chimere, though I'm not sure it was needed. A knowledgeable and serviceable MC would be of much greater use. The blue field and stars covers the ceiling of the apse and chancel.

Closer view of the high altar.

The Resurrection Chapel. The aumbry in the wall to the left keeps the reserved sacrament, with a properly lit lamp continually burning.

From the front looking back at the loft and organ. St. Michael's has a very nice music program under the competent direction of Michael Boney. I'm looking forward to their choir's rendition of Haydn's Missa Brevis this Christmas eve.

From the back looking forward. Note the covered ambo.

This scapular was worn in place of a chasuble by the celebrant, Margaret Kurtz. Rather unfortunate on two counts, aesthetically, of course, and in that I wasn't able to take communion for reasons clear enough.