Thursday, 18 June 2009

Preston Wanderings.

This picture of the Japanese Gardens in the park at the end of my road illustrate the calm and serenity of finally having moved in, unpacked, connected the internet (which necessitated certain additional bits) and it also illustrates the path I took as I walked through the park to the pub on the other side for a pint or two of real ale and a plate of sausages and mash last night. It has been a very interesting week and now all that gives way to prayerful and happy preparations for the commendation service and then for the ordination Saturday week. I look forward to the retreat beginning next Tuesday as a time to reflect, grow and prepare for the work ahead.

I apologise for the shortness of this post, but I could not resist showing you this picture. It shows the last thing being moved out of my old house and loaded on the lorry. Eagle eyed wanderers will recognise the Sacred Heart, now installed in my new house in a dining room suspiciously similar to my last one.

Thank you very much for all the many cards, prayers, Mass intentions, good wishes, emails, letters and facebook messages. I have felt very supported by you all and continue to do so. As I have said before, this site has produced a visible and tangible community of people, I am always particularly touched when I hear of readers striking up friendships with each other and praying for each other. 'Carry on, you are all doing very well', as Mr Grainger used to say in 'Are You Being Served'.