Sunday, 17 May 2009

A Weekend Away.

I have been away, partly meeting my future training incumbent, this weekend, partly being tortured with 'worship' songs, which, as we all know, irritate Our Lord. He prefers Psalms or the New English Hymnal. These pictures, though, have been taken for your benefit, documenting the High Mass at Saint Hilda's this morning, where a modern, Almy High Mass set was worn.

Ken collects the offerings of the people as the altar is censed.

Many Hildaites went to the house of Betty, one of our Parishioners, who lives in south Manchester, in Sale. They enjoyed a garden party and plenty of cakes, whilst your scribe had salad, without the proffered cold quiche, because I have a special hatred of quiche. No cakes were brought for me - I have been to the sacristy to check, just these pictures of everyone having a good time.

And here, continuing to have a good time. I shall be back to usual tomorrow.

Your scribe, hiding in the shadows. Looking for the cake which did not appear.