Thursday, 14 May 2009

This and That.

The new chairs for the Lady Chapel arrived last week and are comfortable, which I am in two minds about, as well as seeming to be hard wearing. There have been thoughts of gradually replacing all the chairs in the nave with these type as well, before any more collapse underneath people.

Anybody reading 'Thinking Anglicans', a site which I find almost impenetrable, would be under the impression that the Anglican Church is currently in a competition to find out who can create the biggest acronym, the only rule being that nobody but the creators must be completely happy with what it theologically stands for. All this is doing is making us look very much like a Church which is falling apart when, I get the distinct impression, no group is actually going to really leave, because they would immediately look like yet another 'continuing church' trying to justify its existence on the internet with pages of articles and very little in the way of congregations. The prevailing mood on Sunday at the May Devotions was that nobody was interested in joining a FOCA / GAFCON split, feeling, as we have said from the start, that those of traditional Catholic ecclesiology and belief have no place there. Branch theory only goes down branches, it does not envelop new bushes growing on faraway shores. The time may have come to make clear the distinction between the Church of England, catholic and reformed and the Anglican Communion, of which we are a part, but to which we share no allegiance of government.

In the mean time, the back alley has been cleared and de-bushed, ready to be turned into a ramp, allowing disabled access to the back of the Church. The corridor behind the organ leading from the Church proper to the community room is to be similarly enabled, leading to the new toilets. We had no toilets for the May Devotions, which did not really matter, indeed it led to a continental atmosphere as groups of devotees were led to the facilities in the school next door.

And a friend gave me this kneeler with remarkably fine carvings on the side. I like the animals at the bottom and I wonder if anybody might have any idea who made it or where it was made. It will look very fine in front of the altar in my little chapel.

And from a little further away. I would be tempted to upholster the kneeler, but may refrain if it be thought to spoil the integrity of the piece.