Sunday, 3 May 2009

More Wanderings.

It is one of the great surprises of life to walk into a tiny village Church and to find a medieval replica sanctuary, organ, rood and hanging pyx. A surprise but such a great joy.

The intrepid wanderers arrive in Egmanton.

In the coach graciously provided by Ken.

Here, in reverse order, are the pictures from the first part of the Wander yesterday, beginning with the blessing at the end of the High Mass before the Regina Caeli, the picture of which you saw yesterday. It was such a joy to see so many people there, we prayed for the Society of Mary and the Society of Our Lady of Egmanton as well as all Anglican Societies who propagate the Faith delivered to our ancestors on these shores.

The Preface, sung in a smoke filled medieval sanctuary, keeping the Mass of Our Lady of Unity.

The altar is censed during the offertory. Your scribe may have a slightly too short alb, but it is a creaseless model, so has redeeming factors.

That most happy sight, a full and busy Church of pilgrims.

The sacred ministers settle down for the gradual hymn, which I chose unwisely, it went on somewhat. For those not there, we had 'Ye Who Own the Faith of Jesus' as an Introit, 'O Purest of Creatures' as an Introit, 'Immaculate Mary' as an offertory Hymn, 'Love Divine' as a Communion Hymn and 'Jerusalem' before the congregation came into the sanctuary for the 'Regina Caeli'.

We are very grateful to the shrine and Fr Christopher Levy, the Shrine Priest, for the use of the shrine and for allowing us to descend upon them, use their Church and vestments, sing Mass, venerate Our Lady, eat a two course lunch in the village hall and leave in three hours and twenty minutes. An excellent lunch as well.

Ken instructs the altar party in the correct manner of serving. Ken also drove us there and back, in his multi-capacity role as Churchwarden, bus company manager and altar server.

The shrine Church as seen from the road.

And some of the wanderers before lunch.

'Did you hear the one about...'

Tomorrow, pictures of the second part of the Wander, at Worksop Priory.