Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Cromwellian Hairnets.

This picture shows my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew at a civil war re-enactment day in Dorset, where they live. You would be forgiven for thinking that my sister in law is joining a convent because her husband is wearing a hairnet, which Cromwell would certainly have disapproved of, but appearances can be deceiving. In the same way, Sunday may look, to you, like Ascension Day, but in fact it is not, Ascension day is tomorrow and there will be a High Mass and ceremonies at 7.30 pm in the Independent People's Republic of Saint Hilda's, all are welcome. This will allow us to keep a High Mass on Sunday Evening to celebrate the 45th anniversary of ordination of our Parish Priest at 6pm. All are, also, welcome. A buffet will follow as long as the High Altar does not burst into flames under the massed candle power. Oh for a thousand gradines to sing.....

Cromwell would doubtless add a dislike for chasubles to his well documented opposition to hairnets. This Marian cloth of silver one of mine would doubtless allow him to enter great heights of loathing, but I show it to you to enquire as to whether anyone can point me in the direction of a cloth of silver stole which may match. I would be very grateful if you could. It is not clear from this picture, but this is a very full chasuble, in the 'Borromean' pattern at the front, although I am not keen on these new terms, particularly 'Benedictine' for an arrangement of candles. Benedictine will continue to mean 'of Saint Benedict of Nursia' long after it has stopped referring to a line of candles.