Monday, 25 May 2009

The Anniversary High Mass.

The Mass began with the clergy and servers processing outside the Church down Whittaker Lane before we came in the front door to behold a church so full we needed extra seating and soon ran out of the 120 sheets I printed for the Mass, which was good for a Bank Holiday Sunday evening when many people were going to walsingham for the National Pilgrimage.

Bishop John Gaisford graced us with his presence and presided from the Throne, dispensing the absolution and blessing incense before concelebrating the Mass and offering blessings during the recessional.

The Gospel procession forms.

This was the occasion of our Parish Priest, Fr Ronald Croft's, 45th anniversary of ordination, his old friend, Fr David Morgan, preached the homily.

Bishop John listens to the homily.

The congregation are censed. These pictures were taken by my mother, who sat in the front row, alas the camera breathed its last at this point, but the next pictures are taken by Ken, from the choir stalls.

The concelebrants enclosure. It was a delight to see so many visiting priests from near and far Parishes.

Canon Paul Denby sings the Gospel.

The altar is censed as Les, special occasion Thurifer I looks on with the watchful gaze of a life long altar server.

The Sursum Corda is sung.

The Consecration.

After the Mass, this group picture was taken.