Sunday, 26 April 2009

Third Sunday of Easter.

High Mass today was well attended, particularly so when you consider that it was immediately followed by the AGM, which went well. Next Saturday is the Day Out, so maybe the Sunday after will suffer, although recently we have seen a noticeable increase in attendance and devotion. One card suggested that people realise that this is the last few weeks when they can see the vestments before they transfer to Preston (I am thinking about only living in places beginning with Prest, any other suggestions?) but this is scurrilous.

As you see, we wore the Thom Curnutte Memorial Gothic High Mass set, which came from Nashdom and is not to everybodys taste, brown not being an easily recognisable liturgical colour, but it has its fans.

The veil and burse are a different kettle of fish altogether, the burse being a very fine piece of 1920's Austrian work and the veil being part of a variety box of liturgical nicknackery I bought at auction.

And finally, good news and a big thank you to Sister Gabrielle Gross, who has given Saint Hilda's this beautiful lectern which matches the other wood in the All Souls Chapel perfectly. As every week, two candles burn for her intentions on the stand in the Chapel - a Chapel which has had everything in it donated or made by a member of the local or wider Saint Hilda's family, which is particularly fitting as it is where requiem Masses are said and the names of the deceased are recorded.