Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Palm Sunday in Fort Worth.

Our friend Father Christopher Stainbrook at Saint Timothy's Fort Worth sent me some pictures of their Palm Sunday Mass whilst I was away in Whitby. As usual, it was a splendid occasion and I am happy to share the pictures with you, as indeed I am happy to share pictures of liturgy sent in by any of our readers, if you feel that people would be interested in them.

And pictures of liturgy are almost as popular as pictures of strong drink! If Saint Timothy's were a gin, I feel it would be Tanqueray - export strength and a little bit exotic. And look! The first Flabellums (flabelli?) of spring.

The sacred ministers gather outside the Church doors.

And the donkey is led to the Church to remind us that Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey via the East gate as there was a great imperial procession through the west at the same time. The effect would have been of a peaceful procession through occupied territory as the army flounced its muscle in another part of town. Here Saint Timothy's recreate the entry of Christ.

The procession begins after the blessing of palms and proclamation of the first Gospel of Palm Sunday.

A shot taking in part of the procession.