Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday.

Good Friday is the starkest day in our calendar, empty and cold, we mourn for the death of Our Lord and dwell on the eternal truths of the Faith, the descent into Hell and the constant themes of liberation from bondage which are the hallmark of the scriptures. Liberation from captivity, slavery and finally liberation from death itself, wrought today on the bleakest of days by the actions of Christ in the underworld, as He loosed the gates of Hell once, for all believers, for all time. People who say that we are not to look for converts in our world should be ignored, Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberation, we should have the guts not to be cowed by modernity into neutering eternal truth.

Now I have a small confession to make. I have been in Sneaton Castle in Whitby with the Order of the Holy Paraclete since Palm Sunday evening and I will not return home until Easter Sunday afternoon. The posts you have read this week have been saved and programmed to appear. I have no internet or telephone. You may be wondering why I have not been replying to the messages, indeed there may be all sorts of scurrilous things in he comments boxes, but I am currently sitting in a three hours devotion in the Abbey Chapel. I have asked Hildaites McGuinness and Savage to arrange pictures and descriptions of the Triduum for your enjoyment and they will appear over the next couple of days, I hope. See how I care for you, I even communicate from last week! (It feels very odd writing this!). Have a prayerful Triduum and a very, very happy Easter my friends.