Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday Morning

A very busy week this week but not busy enough to register an unseasonable stability in numbers for morning Mass today, usually we pick up a few extra in Lent, maybe we are too early into the season and people are still feeling extra devotional after the excellent Lenten quiet day last Saturday in Burnley and Sunday's stations of the cross and Mass. This would be a shame, as it is in the quiet weekday Mass that we listen most attentively to the word of God in quiet, slow readings and make our petitions to Him at greater length than we do on Sunday.

After I printed these flyers out yesterday afternoon in the library at Martin Luther House, I lost the original, but never mind, there are enough to distribute again this coming Sunday. I have photographed this one, in case anybody would like to come. I shall be looking further into the desert sequence alluded to last week on this blog and preached last Sunday at Saint Hilda's during the first one. With the new sound system I hope to be able to incorporate some devotional music into both of the evenings.

This view of the Lady Chapel reminds me of the update to the Saint Hilda's Church website which Ken has added recently, which tells a little of the history of the side Chapels. See the link on the sidebar where you will also find a permanent link to the site which is advertising my house. It is not strictly liturgical and I confess that I had to move all the statues out of the way before I took the pictures, but it needs to be let and I would be grateful for any assistance you may be able to give.