Sunday, 15 March 2009

Third Sunday in Lent.

Today's Mass comes to you in reverse order. Here you the Parish Priest singing the prayer after communion before the notices, with Canon Paul Denby (whose house I have just been to, picking up a pre dieu which was given to him by the former Bishop of Salford some time ago, so thank you again), Canon Peter McEvitt (whose fan club read this blog looking for pictures of their favourite Roman Canon and Father Mark Brackley. It is with regret that I see we did not have enough chasubles in the correct shade of purple.

The High Mass set is the new, eagerly awaited one from Frank in India. It attracted many positive comments and, for the price particularly, is excellent.

A poorish turnout today, aided and abetted no doubt by the fine weather. Certainly holiday traffic was abounding as I made my way to Fleetwood after the Mass for the prosaic reason of collecting a dining table and chairs which I won on eBay. The humeral veil which came with the set is doing service as a lectern fall and the cope stole is draped over the processional cross. It looks very effective in the flesh, particularly in long processions as today's.

The prayers over the gifts immediately after the preparation of the altar.

And the final picture of the liturgy, showing the sacred ministers just before the Asperges.

Last night Phyllis, one of our Parishioners, had a fundraising party at her house. We have a tradition of this at Saint Hilda's, going back some years and every year a number of people open their houses to the Parish, charge for tickets and throw a party. The purple High Mass set was paid for, almost to the penny, by last night's party. Not only are they very effective ways of raising money, but people always help out and they are great ways for the Parish to bond.

Barbara, Manchester lay chair of Forward in Faith, collects the empty pie containers. A fresh expression of Church I think. Forward in Pies.

Munch munch.

And finally, the promised picture of the ham hock terrine. I know, inane ramblings, but there you are. A helpful note to my detracting commentator, it would aid your case for anonymity if you did not use a computer attached to the university network, which is identified by your specific college and your personal user number. Maybe that can be an end to it, but before deciding to dislike someone, try meeting them first.