Monday, 30 March 2009

Purple lumps

Christ Church (Episcopal), Point Pleasant

I have been struggling to write another hard-hitting, spiritually- deep treatise on life or love, but I have had no success. Writing about things that are not surface and shallow is difficult, and it drains me sometimes. I guess I don't have the energy to spare right now to write anything like that, because much of my reserves I'm using just to keep myself afloat.

So I go in inside for a while. And I suppose that that is what we do in Lent, anyway. Most of us saw this Lenten call to inner solitude symbolized today at Mass when we walked into the church and saw our favorite statues and images of saints veiled in purple, colorful lumps that cannot look back at us. In my parish church, the only image left uncovered was the lone crucifix, high on the wall in the sanctuary, with Jesus, crucified, his hands raised in blessing as he breathed his final breaths.

Let that be our focus as we embark on this most solemn journey: our journey with Jesus through his Passion, knowing that on the other side we will be re-born. But not yet.

Pax et bonum.