Thursday, 12 March 2009

New Growth and Behaving Ourselves.

This morning's single, stark picture is a long way away from the carefree Orcadian gun toting image of yesterday. It shows a couple of plants poking out of one of the tubs in my Blue Peter garden, giving a little colour in the typically drab season of Lent. All of the trees and seasonal bushes in the garden are either sprouting tiny leaves or displaying heavy buds and all is set for another Spring. The giant broom in the front garden is gathering its strength for another monumental flowering, the whole street smells of the tens of thousands of tiny petals which come from it for a couple of short weeks. All this will be happening as I move to Preston, but as I am moving to a leafy part of that city I look forward to watching the seasons change in Avenham Park and down my road. I have been here for seven cycles of the seasons now, which I think is enough, God willing there will be four in Preston and then off to who knows where. And really, the way it's going, who does know?

The new High Mass set came yesterday from India and it is really very good indeed, far better than the early attempts I made with him. I will give parts of it a quick iron and take some pictures of it. Sunday will bring more pictures of it being used. Once again, yesterday's post brought criticism (why I don't know, this one is far more deserving of it, at lest mentioning vestments) of vestments and 'Anglo Catholic Rituals', as though we have been burning witches or somesuch. I fail to understand in a world of sectarian tension and religious difference why men and women of God see the need to bicker over stylistics. Believe me, some of the thoughts which come into my head during worship sessions I have to attend are terrible, but I keep them to myself and try and learn from my own annoyance. Let us all make a late Lenten discipline of not bickering and try to live together in this little cyber community, or at least if we do disagree, which I hope we do, let's not disagree over hats and vestments, eh?

Anyway, I have to finish an essay and prepare for tonight's prayer group. I made a ham hock terrine last night and will show you pictures soon, its been a while since we descended into the anarchy of recipe corner, I still remember the arguments over the inclusion of pistachio nuts in the meatloaf last year.