Tuesday, 17 February 2009

O Happy Day!

This is the altar in the Chapel of Saint Martin De Porres, Blackburn Cathedral. I went to Blackburn Cathedral the other week because I had not been before and because I will, by the grace of God, most definitely be going in a few months with a Deacons stole in my hand, waiting on the Holy Ghost. Goodness me, intimated my friend the Vicar of the Parish next door, during dinner last night, what a difficult time to be making that journey. What will happen, he asked, and what will I do if any one of a series of events comes to pass which I have no power over, save the intercession of prayer and the aforementioned grace of God. I have no answers, but I think that my friend was taken aback by my forthright and combative tone, for, gentle reader, I am, as you know, usually meek and mild. I pointed out that I am not preparing myself for a journey, nor will I need to pack bags, nor will I have to worry about all this. God prepares us all for the journeys we must undergo and he came that we may not be afraid, for at the end of the earthly struggle is the New Jerusalem, if we can show our faith, hope and love with our lives while on this earth with its lovely selection of real ales and pork pies with mustard. I have hope for the future, which seems ridiculous and I have no worries about the way things will go, which may be foolish, but I have faith in the hand of God and in His divine plan, which I do not attempt to guess at. If I am going to go on this journey at this time, then I may as well do so having faith in God and His mercies, which have, thus far, been manifold and unexpected.

Lecture over, which in part is to answer the questions about 'what now, country boy', which have been asked recently as well as an answer to the increased number of nasty emails and messages I have been delighted to have recently, Synod seems to bring in a greater than usual selection of the un-mannered to the AW shores. And thank you for the great tidal wave of comments assuring me of your prayers and best wishes, you are an important part of my daily life. Thank you. To the chap who offered me episcopal consecration in 'his' Church - I have never aspired to lunacy or to pointy hattery. But thanks for the offer.

Your scribe looking happy! How dare he at this moment in history when everyone is supposed to be devastated. I have just heard, though, that 'Affirming Catholicism' has expired, at least in Manchester. Trebles all round!