Thursday, 26 February 2009

Behold, I am doing something new

I know that Father Kenyon will not be taking any part of the elevation services for the new Bishop-elect in N. Michigan, but I thought that I would offer my humble services to them as an olive branch.

I have designed a High Mass set to be used at the Mass. After much debate I decided to go with a Roman design, though that would not be my preference. "Selfless," you might say, and yes that is true, but it is for the greater glory of the Church. (I have not yet settled on a mitre. Prayers would be appreciated as I complete this labor of love.)

I only ask that I not be torpedoed with emails requesting things like, "Please, design a set for me," or "Won't you please come work at my studio" as I am very busy, and already considering an apprenticeship.


Update: We now have a mitre.