Monday, 26 January 2009

Sunday Night and Monday Morning.

Last night was Burns Night and not just any old Burns Night but the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the poet's death. Clearly, this called for a drink. I had already addressed the haggis (although not in my military trews, foolishly) on Friday night in front of the gathered clans at Roseland Drive so was spared further sheep lungs. Some Traquair Jacobite Ale and Whisky were a fine substitute. This morning I had a rotten head, which was surprising as I did not drink an awful lot, although I was surprised to see, upon checking the whisky bottle to see how much I had consumed, that it is fifty percent alcohol as opposed to the usual forty percent of the standard and preferred ten year old.

The evening began well though, with Evensong and Benediction, this picture is taken just after the procession back into the sacristy when we turn out the lights to allow a moment of silent prayer and thanksgiving.

Here is Father John Livesley who gave Benediction, in the cope which matches the High Mass set we bought recently, before we began Evensong. Naomi, his wife, also came and I look forward to their company for dinner in a couple of weeks if I can find the tin opener.

One of my great pleasures is wandering around the Church in the evening getting ready for Evensong and Benediction. It is lovely to light the lamps in a dark Church, relight the votive candles remaining from the morning Mass and arrange candles on the altar, in peace and silence. I love evening services of any kind and feel it is the most reflective time of the day, the darkness is comforting and in the summer the light reminds me of the cool in the evening when Christ was thought to have undertaken much of his preaching.