Friday, 2 January 2009

Epiphany Lists and Journeys.

I have just finished compiling the Epiphany List for this year, detailing the consumables that we use in the worship of God throughout the year, votive candles, oil, incense, wine and the rest. Everything has gone up, of course, and this years order stands at not far off eight hundred pounds. I have, over the last few years, installed stocks in almost all he candles, sourced cheaper suppliers, streamlined the order process and this year will do my level best to ensure that there is enough ordered now for the next year. I have marked the catalogue with what we have and will transfer the account to one of our Churchwardens name and address for delivery in the future. People will be as generous as they always are, I hope, when the list goes out and apply their name to something which they wish to buy, even though there is more of it and it is more expensive this year. People love our worship and are generally happy to foot the bills which it incurs. I could add a rose pink High Mass set to the list really, but it would be foolishly hopeful.

I have also taken photographs of the Nativity Scene and will do the same with the Epiphany House so that they can be replicated next year and ever after. I am trying to interest people in changing the candles and looking after the vestments and linen and in running the prayer and Lenten groups, for I have a lot to do otherwise before I go, the time for which is creeping upon me like the proverbial thief in the night.

A big journey begins for me this year, another stage on the great march of time. Like the wise men, I am following a light which burns brighter, pray for me this year, that the way may be clear.