Sunday, 4 January 2009

Epiphany at Saint Hilda's.

The Epiphany House in most of its splendour today at Saint Hilda's. The tall tapers behind the star have been extinguished after the Gospel, according to age old tradition in draughty Churches where the wind blows wax everywhere.

The Mass was very well attended, we had a grand procession of thurifer, acolytes, crucifer, choir, torchbearers, Orthodox Deacon bearing icons, MC, Sub Deacon, Deacon and Celebrant, which led a note of exoticism to Prestwich and seemed to impress the newcomers. We brought the icons to the altar, then left them there throughout after blessing the Epiphany House. We then blessed the icons after Communion before processing them around the Church to the Holy Souls altar where they were ceremonially hung before the singing of the Contakion.

Many of the pictures are blurred, Ken was clearly overtaken with the emotion of it all. This one shows the thurifer and some of the torchbearers at the Canon.

A somewhat blurred picture, but put up for Davis, who like to see busy naves. This is the proclamation of the Gospel this morning.

And finally the icons upon the High Altar after the entrance procession. I will post about the Holy Souls altar on Tuesday, showing the icons in place and a couple of pictures of the singing of the contakion.