Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Blessing of the Waters.

As every year, processions from Saint Magnus the Martyr and Southwark Cathedral meet in the middle over the Thames and bless the river. Here Father Warner, from Saint Magnus Martyr, can be seen after the procession. More pictures can be seen on the Ex Fide blog , linked to on the sidebar here. It is written by a parishioner of Saint Magnus and is worth a look.

The cross is thrown in the waters after the prayers and procession.

The Bishop of Woolwich and Father Warner hold the cross. The two churches face each other over the Thames and the bridge forms the parish boundary.

On the centre of the Bridge the prayers are begun by the Parish Priest of Saint Magnus.

And the Bishop of Woolwich concludes. The Bishop of Woolwich is a Suffragan to the Bishop of Southwark, who you may have seen in the press last year apparently searching random cars for fluffy toys. It is, you may recall, what he does.

The procession from Saint Magnus makes its way to the bridge. The parish website is also well worth a look as it has some pictures of the interior which, as TS Eliot said, "holds inexplicable splendour of Ionian white and gold".