Thursday, 4 December 2008

Great balls'o'fire

From The Canadian Press:

Breakaway Anglicans to form new North American church
3 hours ago

— Breakaway Anglicans from Canada and the United States plan to unveil a new church today.

The Anglican Church in North America would bring together conservative Anglicans who have split from the Anglican Church of Canada and the U.S. Episcopal Church over theological issues, including same-sex marriage and gay clergy.

Organizers say the church would constitute about 700 congregations in North America.

Rev. Charlie Masters, archdeacon of the Anglican Network in Canada, says the concept of a new church was first raised at a meeting in Jerusalem in June.

He says seven leaders of the largest of 38 church districts around the world, known as "provinces," called for the formation of a new North American province "to represent historic Anglicanism."

Currently, the breakaway Anglicans are operating under the jurisdiction of several African and South American bishops.

The Anglican Network claims 23 parishes across Canada. Those meeting in Chicago claim 100,000 worshippers in their churches each Sunday.
An attempt at regularization in the Anglican Communion, or a legal maneuver to retain property? The speculation does fly! Only time will tell, however, but all involved, on both "sides," could use our prayers, and our restraint from making hasty judgment and speculation.

Pax et bonum.