Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fish and Chips, Longridge Fell and Witches.

Father Lee can be seen here enjoying fish and chips in the dark last night at my house. He apologises for his lack of postings recently, but has a few bits and pieces to sort out and will be back sooner rather than later. Eating in the dark is not because the generators have gone down again, but due to a poor camera setting which I am struggling with.

Yesterday I went for a walk up Longridge fell and enjoyed the ancient trees on the top as well as the view to Pendle hill where, of course, witches lurk. Members of WATCH were seen yesterday to be decrying the Manchester Report, speaking as though this was already passed and not due to be completely ignored like the last one. I have been in a brown study recently about this whole business, it seems to be utterly impossible to get the message across that we are concerned with scriptural orthodoxy, not with continuing a misunderstood sexism. Quite how this message is to be given I do not know. The Roman Church is having great struggles with it and is trying to keep its members 'on message', we as a Church seem to have just given up completely, which, when faced with a barrage of abuse and screaming from the WATCHes over Pendle is understandable to an extent.

This was my path yesterday, through the trees and over the other side, today there will be another walk somewhere if the freezing fog lifts as there will be more barrages of insults from those who seek to remake the Church in their own image. Whether we will be exiled by them, who know full well the validity of our own arguments but pretend otherwise and scream 'sexist' and abuse at us or whether we will have to bide our time alone in prayer and contemplation for a time I do not know, but God is good and to be praised in the way He commanded. 'Celebrations' of the Eucharist and the knowing changing of His word presided over by those who look for God in the mirror of Narcissus will, in the end, be seen for what they are. The small, screeching minority who wish us gone may well get their wish, but they will preside over a Church which will daily loose the people of God, who will abandon the NewChurch for good, and the state of their souls will redden the hands of the WATCHers on the day of judgement.

These trees will outlive all of us and most of the reforms, surviving through their ecosystem on Longridge Fell and through the grace of God who created the fells and the skies. Our arguments will become a sentence in the history books and our names forgotten, which is good and how it should be. My friends who are ordained women and those training for this despair as much as I do at the current state of affairs and wonder how certain people are allowed to scream such lies and horror, knowing the outcome of their actions. Tolkein dreamt up much of Middle Earth walking around these hills, one wonders what he would have made of it all.

The towers in the middle distance here gave Tolkien the idea of 'the Two Towers' and Conan Doyle the template of Baskerville Hall. There is some useful information in the midst of this great uncertainty. If God were not with us, then there would be cause for despair, but as He is and as so far all we have is conjecture (whipped up by a misleading press) and misinformation then there is every reason to look to the new year with hope and faith in the redemptive power of God. I have witnessed one miracle so far, so have no shortage of faith for the future.