Monday, 29 December 2008

February Looms, with Synods and a Walk in the Woods.

Tomorrow there will be more from Bruges, including the house of the Beguines and their fine Church, so now is the time for practising jokes about beginning, Beguines and Beguining. Possibly there will be some mileage in beguining at the Beguines in Bruges. For today, however, there is the less exciting picture of a metal heron in Entwistle reservoir, where I went for a walk today, tramping more of the Witton Weavers Way, a local short long distance path, if that makes sense. Tomorrow will be the Lake District, I hope, although level walking in the forest, not high in the fells, it is far too cold for there to be any enjoyment for me on the wild, exposed tops.

Christmas is coming to an end, but not in Entwistle, where trees are dressed as memoria and just for the fun of it, around the reservoir every year. This picture is far more exciting than the latest output from the Manchester Group, which Forward in Faith link us to HERE on their website. I don't know about you, but I suspect that if you are like me you have put the last synod to the back of your minds, overtaken with the daily grind. Well, February looms large and we had best not be taken by surprise, or lulled into the false sense of security which the realisation that the vest majority of our fellows do not want us out of the Church can bring. A determined core is bent on our destruction, bent on the destruction and abandonment of scripture, tradition and reason itself.

It might seem a happy prospect to walk around the lake, to skirt the perimeter of the future of the Church, but sooner or later we are just going to have to wade into the freezing waters and see if we sink or swim, before we get pushed. Not a very jolly thought for this time of year, but the time is now, really, when we need all our strength and good judgement.

No reflection here, just a happy part of the Weavers Way on a cold December morning.