Sunday, 30 November 2008

Weekend Wanderings.

Mass this morning at Saint Hilda's, Prestwich, Advent Sunday (but you know that). Ken took the pictures for me from his choir stall. A good turnout, I understand. I hope a good number come to Benediction this evening as well.

Father Mark begins the Asperges. We always look forward to the Asperges in Lent and Advent. I wonder if something else would not be good to introduce in Eastertide and Christmastide, maybe the 'Judica Me', or a chanted entrance antiphon?

Your scribe, meanwhile, was in Mirfield on retreat, cold and slightly fuzzy of head, as can be seen in this picture taken at six o'clock this morning as I contemplated the day ahead, and encouraged my frozen fingers into finding the place in the blue book, now that Advent is here.

The church at Mirfield, draped in early morning mist. I forewent my sandals in the interests of health and sanity.

The highlight of the weekend was hearing the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds (who appears to own a tie, why is this?) talking candidly about the recent Lambeth Conference and it's ramifications. But more tomorrow, you must excuse me as I have to go to church. P.S. Craig, enjoy the wine.