Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Saint Catherine's, Burnley.

Saint Catherine's Day Solemn Mass in 2006.

Leading the Corpus Christi Procession.

The Assumption Festival procession.

Saint Catherine's has an enviable children's group.

Father Roger Parker, Parish Priest of Saint Catherine's, Burnley
and Anglican Wanderer.

Saint Catherine's is a leading light of Anglo-Catholicism in the North West of England; a busy, well-used and well-loved parish church, which teaches the faith uncompromisingly and with love. Today, of course, is their Patronal Festival. Nothing so unsound as transferring feasts for Father Roger! More information can be found on their website HERE. The church itself merits a minor detour for the architectural historian and a rather larger one for the fan of Anglo-Catholic fittings, as it has many fine details, not least the confessionals and the statue of the Sacred Heart. The ciborium over the High Altar is painted wrought iron, an unusual decorative material much in evidence here. I must make a visit soon to take some pictures for the site, their previous ace photographer, Ron Mulligan is now Father Ron Mulligan and has other things to do!