Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Church Winter Fair.

The Lady Chapel turns into a haberdashery stall for the day. I have been known to sit behind the bottle stall calling 'come see the money changers in the temple' but today, mercifully, I was away on a Christian Art retreat day. Somewhat lesser of two evils, maybe, but certainly lesser. I am all for Church Fetes really, I just feel that I deserve a day off each year.

The cake stall. Clearly our photographer had a few too many cakes, hence the sugar rush gave him the shakes. There is, however, somebody here who I do not recognise, which is very good and one of the main reasons that we have Fetes and open days.

The book stall is perused by one of our two resident literary experts. Hilary here is a local light of literary groups and Beverley an author. Back to serious posting tomorrow, but in the meantime, give thanks that our Churches have a tradition of open days, I wonder what we could do to altar them a bit to encourage more people in?