Sunday, 2 November 2008

All Saints Day.

High Mass was celebrated this morning at Saint Hilda's for All Saints by Fr Ronald Croft, Deaconed by Canon Paul Denby and Subdeaconed by your scribe. Our friend Father Mark concelebrated as well and it was very good to see him as usual. He is wearing a semi gothic style chasuble for those who are interested in such things, which falls like a latin chasuble in the front and a gothic chasuble at the back. A peculiar style which has not found fashion for some years.

Vestments and window dressing aside it was a joy to see so many people at the Mass, particularly after yesterdays bun fight, it is often the case that a dose of Saturday Religion scares off the Sunday attendees!

As always, except in Eastertide, the Mass finished with the Angelus sung at Our Lady's shrine, after which there were drinks at the back of Church for all to celebrate the Parish Priest's birthday. Tim, our organist, even broke with a tradition spanning over a hundred years and played Happy Birthday at the end of Mass.

Ken and Mark joined a few people for lunch afterwards and are seen here digesting their first three courses. Ken returned home late last night after taking his coach back to the depot and still seemed bright and breezy this morning. Must be something in the Warrington air.

Your scribe diverted by reading the amount another Parish pays for its share to the Diocese. Marion is next to me and Paul Williams, local undertaker of note, is at the end of the table.