Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Stanbrook Abbey Sale.

As many of you may know, the Benedictine Abbey of Stanbrook in Gloucestershire is soon to migrate North, leaving behind the magnificent buildings to a buyer who, current negotiations show, is 'sympathetic' to the building. It will be interesting to see who buys this fantastic place and to see what happens to it. I hope they have more luck in closing the deal than the community of men at Prinknash, who are trying to sell off their ill advised new Abbey. Alas, it is as unsuitable for anything else as it has proved to be as a monastery. The Abbess and sisters of Stanbrook have auctioned off a lot of bits and pieces which, looking at them, one can understand them not wanting very much as well as some fine pieces. The results of the auction held today at Bonhams can be seen HERE and provides moderate enjoyment for the curious for half an hour or so. Our own Anglican Benedictine community at BURFORD is also on the move, details can be seen of the latest news on the previous link. I hope that the farm conversion goes well, although it must have been hard leaving their previous sublime home, 'downsizing' before it is absolutely necessary is often the sensible move.