Saturday, 11 October 2008

Press Reactions to the Weekend's Meeting.

Yes, I know, I was tired and the last one was Bishop John Gaisford...

As time allows, I will try and list all the press reaction to this weekends Forward in Faith meeting in London, positive or negative and - dare I say it - true or false! First off the mark is


where he critiques Bishop John Broadhurst's opening address, taking the usual, rather tired line of sexism. One wonders if the paper would allow him to critique a RC Bishop speaking on the same subject, given the paper's own religious leanings.

DAMIAN THOMPSON, HERE also in the Telegraph

continues the tone set by Jonathan Wynne Jones above by critiquing the Bishop of Fulham's opening address. The weight of this startling address seems to have given the press fodder for an article short enough, given the pressing matters of impending recession and the chance to bash Gordon Brown, to ignore the rest of the conference.