Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Exhausted Scribes Trade Union.

Our Lady, made by Faith Craft.

I do not have as many hours in the day as I might wish for. I would spend another one reading the other Anglo-Catholic blogs in more depth, as it is, some articles are skimmed over and some read and reflected on. Father Jones in London Docks comments today on some of the unique facets of the blogdom and he has also made me aware through his writings, that there exists a blog called 'Women's Guild', written by Anglo-Catholic women. I was blithely unaware of its existence until two hours ago, but a skim read allows me to warmly commend it to you all. You will find it HERE and eventually on the sidebar as well. Father Lee usually does all the clever bits as well as dutifully clearing up my poor grammar, he tells me. I was unaware of that, as well, you see, more hours in the day would be useful. If I could find the lexicon on this blog generator, I would post future posts in Anglo-Saxon, just to see what would happen. Probably Roger would correct them, as there is nothing he does not know.

I have put a close-up of our statue of Our Lady (who, I discovered yesterday, is called so in the BCP, I may at some point even look in a copy of Common Worship to check there, if I can find one) made by Faith Craft, in response to a query I received yesterday. Underneath you will see your scribe pushing a child of his acquaintance (the wrong way, I was informed) around Heaton Park. I get the feeling that the next week will bring more child pushing opportunities, watch this space. We are looking forward to the visit of a few of the Mirfield men on Sunday for Evensong and Benediction and their company in the Prachee afterwards, followed by a few bottles back here in Teather Towers, this will probably follow a lunchtime visitation by your co-scribe and his children, so I will be stocking up on disposable wipes for both parties.

On Thursday, I am somehow squeezing in hearing the Halle orchestra playing the Creation Mass and Missa in Tempore Belli at the Bridgewater Hall, thanks to some free tickets which have been sent my way. This will be a midpoint in what has and will continue to be a trying, exhausting week and I know that it is becoming so for Father Lee, so I am inaugurating the above Trade Union for tired Anglo-Catholic bloggers. Membership will free and representation at any level will be nil.

On a serious note, I think, some people have expressed interest in Anglican Wanderings t-shirts. I know, no idea, some people, have they? If you would like one (you may prefer to be anonymous), do contact me and I might just have some made. The logo on the front and 'I'm an Anglican Wanderer' and the URL on the back, I think. What next? Branded sandals?

Oh, by the way, news of a sort, HERE. Take it as you find it, the Fresh Expressions mob will be divided between those who see it as an endorsement and those who see it as a neutering, I know one FE minister who hates the idea of Bishops. Who said we are a broad Church? We are a Church which is broadly tolerant.