Friday, 10 October 2008

The Assembly Weekend.

This weekend sees the Forward in Faith National Assembly in London, as already alluded to. The Assembly will, at its core, decide on these following motions, HERE, as well as providing much support and prayer for us all. The link will show you the Resolutions as they are passed and you can also find information on the website regarding the speeches made, including audio recordings of them all. Wonderful. So far the two 'big guns' have been wheeled out, Father David Houlding, Master General of the SSC, which is the body we will, in all probability, look to for unity in the case of our forced departure, and Bishop John Broadhurst, Chairman of FinF and Bishop of Fulham, who is in the unique position of being the reality of a very likely model for keeping us in the Church, namely a modified London Plan.

This is October, and we have until July next year to hear the next Synod debates and decisions. Time now, we will find this weekend, to make our position clear and time, indeed, for all members of our constituency to decide where we, individually, are within those decisions. I hope that sound argument, firm resolution, charity and scriptural orthodoxy will characterise this weekend, rather than the bitterness and pick and mix attitude which so blights our detractors house. Interesting though the speeches will be, the motions are what matter, so keep a weather eye open. We may expect to hear much that cheers, some that disheartens and some that heartens, for we all have slightly modified outlooks on this matter, but we all look to the future of the Church and her witness to the world. We still are faithful Anglicans, no matter what some may say of us. It is this which should support us.