Saturday, 6 September 2008

Comings and Goings.

We will be keeping Our Lady's Birthday on Monday with Low Mass at 11.30. I would tell you which vestments we are wearing but that seems to be unpopular at the moment. We could keep the Mass naked, of course, as it is 'in the Bible' that God told Adam and Eve not to be ashamed of their nakedness and to walk around the garden under his gaze naked. This is the problem with fundamentalism,that carried through to it's natural end it leads to the Catholic faith, much to the great distress of said fundamentalists, with a need to seek a higher, ultimately divine, authority and the only man Christ gave that authority to is Peter and his successors, including all Bishops who have been ordained in that succession and have not had the temerity to break it. Pray for the whole state of Christ's Church.

On Thursday we had a prayer meeting in the evening gathered around the shrine of Our Lady, where we lit a prayer candle for us and her and sang to her before praying and quietly listening to the account of her life contained in the Gospels. Simon led the meeting, for the last time, as he goes away to train for the Priesthood in a couple of weeks. Nothing like the solemnity of the May Devotions as pictured above was kept, but something more akin to our daily services of quiet and contemplation.

More and excellent pictures of the day out to Bolton Abbey and Broughton Hall can be seen on the Saint Hilda's website linked to on the right, look at the gallery page. Mark has done a wonderful job of producing and maintaining the site, he does something very similar for a living and he can be contacted through the site. High Mass will be a little quiet tomorrow I think, with many people taking sensible advantage of the end of the School holidays and the subsequent reduction in price of holidays which that brings. Next week, however, we will be keeping the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in glorious fashion, so watch this space or, even better, be there yourself!