Sunday, 31 August 2008

XXII Sunday in Ordinary.

Vesting before Mass.

The Angelus at the end of Mass.

High Mass this morning was well attended, particularly as it is the last Sunday of the holidays and we had such a well attended day out yesterday. A few were even Masonic bowling, much to my chagrin. Lists went out for the outing to York in November for the Northern Provincial Festival at the Minster and for a tea dance next weekend! Simon begins counting down the weeks until he goes, only three more Sundays with us and the usual niggles come up before moving, but he is happy with the room he has chosen at St Stephens House and our best wishes and prayers will go with him as well. What more could you want!

Work on the disabled toilets creeps ever closer to completion and we enter a busy baptismal season. This year will fly by for me, I think, and before I know it I will be installed in my new curacy in *******. (Note to nosy people, bear in mind both offers have seven letters). Where will we go next year for our Anglican Wander? Where will I be? Where will Father Lee be? Where will the Church be? What, again, can we be? for all the debate on the blogs at the moment, for my part I will be following the word of God, as it has been followed since it came over the waters and rolled back the stone of the empty tomb as we all will be, in our own way. I pray that we may be, as many of us were yesterday, together, firm in our faith and in the presence of God, not just yesterday, but today and in the future.