Monday, 18 August 2008

Wymondham Abbey, Near Norwich.

From the outside.

Choir and altar.


Side Chapel.

Sedilia and Altar.

The good shepherd.

The nave.

A magnificent statue of Our Lady.

Roof of the Lady Chapel.

A Public House around the corner.

When I was at Walsingham I went on an excursion to the Church at Wymondham. It was, long ago, an abbey, partially destroyed by the reformers. It was redecorated by Sir Ninian Comper and a magnificent reredos was installed and has been well cared for ever since. It teaches the Faith as it occurs to them, although they are no longer members of Forward in Faith, choosing to accept the broken line of modernity. Anyway, let us gird our loins and walk past briskly, possibly to the public house pictured above. You will find more information here on their website. More information about Ninian Comper and one of his smaller, but no less magnificent, commissions, can be found here on the website of the beautiful St Michael and All Angels in Inverness where I should very much like to be Parish Priest one day, before I get old and rheumatism sets in, because for all the beauty of the Highlands, it is incredibly cold and wet, oh, and overtaken with midges.

This is looking like a busy week, I have to telephone someone soon to see about going and looking at their poltergeist, which is not filling me with joy as I have a sore head thanks to the hospitality of Marion around the corner, where I drank immoderately last night. The Parish Priest set a remarkable example of moderation but I still managed to produce eighty (so far, I need more paper) mass sheets for next Sunday, when we are keeping St Bart, for a change. After Mass we are all going to the local social club for a party. The Saturday after that is the Day Out to Bolton Abbey, so there is much to do for that as well, which reminds me, I need to do some orders of service for that as well. If you have any prayer requests for us that day, do let us know.

I should like to make you all aware that Thom, who filled in when I was away, has decided to join the team full time. Expect posts from Ohio, from time to time and a small picture appearing at the side. Do not be afraid, he is an American and a librarian.