Wednesday, 6 August 2008


A side chapel in Walsingham.

Walsingham Common Place.

Fred and I on last years Walsingham pilgrimage.

Don't panic, or reseal the vintage claret, whichever is applicable, I am not going for good. I am off to Walsingham on Friday morning first thing and then staying in Stamford for a couple of days. I have been incredibly busy recently and am looking forward to leading the stations around the beautiful grounds of the shrine, toddling around the orthodox Chapel, visiting the Cley Smokehouse for the best smoked prawns in the country and not having to cook for a while. On Friday lunch, I will be here looking out to sea and enjoying a pint of Adnams with my ham sandwiches. I will also be visiting Felbrigg house with some of our pilgrims and I will also be spending some time here . I need a break, as well as a fully functioning bathroom, my new one is half fitted so I am looking forward to having a sink again!

So what am I going to do about the blog? Well, there are three other bloggers, Fr Lee posts just as much as I do and is the best thing that ever happened to this site, even I get sick of my constant allusions to obscure books and theories. I have no mobile telephone, blackberry or laptop and nor do I want them, so unless I log in from Cromer public library again, I will be utterly unaware of what is going on.

I have, though, a secret up my sleeve. I have asked Thom Curnutte, author of the Ad Dominum blog, to be a guest blogger for a week. There is no book of rules on AW, so I hope you will read something a bit new and a bit unexpected. A different slant on things, at least. He is an American, a librarian (although I dare say librarians are called 'public literary consciousness monitors' now or something similar) and a Roman Catholic, whatever one of those might be. One of the Catholics not in communion with Canterbury, I think. (Please don't write in and complain at that old joke, I shan't read the comments anyway!). He also lives in Ohio, which sounds terribly exotic. I may post something tomorrow, if I have time, if not, I shall be praying for you all at Walsingham,as I do every morning. I am continually touched by your support and comments and emails. Thank you, and may God bless you.