Sunday, 24 August 2008

Eat, Drink and be Merry, for Tomorrow is Another Feria.

Phyllis, who threw the party today.

Joe leaving the party.

At todays party after Mass.

Phyllis and the Parish Priest.

A flower arrangement made from fruit at todays party.

Revellers at the feast!

Barbara Bohanna, lay chair of Forward in Faith at today's party.

Ancient and modern in Rusholme.

Your scribe with Mrs Marion Lees in the Church Inn.

Fr Bryan Hackett, Parish Priest of Prestwich, after dinner, reclining in the usual fashion.

Your scribe after several glasses of wine.

A Bedouin tent, in the front bedroom of a restaurant round the corner!

We had a High Mass this morning in our splendid red set for Saint Bartholomew. Why? Well, very little is known about him, some people think he went to India, some to the Parish of Saint Hilda, Heaton Park, like the Pope in 1982, who said Mass for some of our Parishioners in the park at the back of the Church. Rather like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we keep St Bart with great festivity, for him and for all the briefly mentioned and the forgotten, all the martyrs who gave their lives fighting for the Kingdom and who are not marked in the history books.

After Mass we had a party for two reasons, firstly to celebrate the birthday of one of our Parishoners, Phyllis Lefevre, who is seventy. Her husband was the first chef to gain a Michelin Star in Manchester and a lamp burns for him by the shrine of St Therese, whom he loved. Secondly, as we were reminded, a good few people have had a 'bad' year this year and a few drinks and a convivial lunch never hurt anyone. Our thanks go to Phyllis and her family and friends for organising such a feast. It was a great success.

Work begins this week in erecting the new Holy Souls Chapel floor as well as putting final settings in place for the day out this Saturday, there are about a hundred people coming to Bolton Abbey, Skipton and Broughton Hall. There will have to be a drinks reception organised for Simon, our other Ordinand, who leaves us to Oxford in September after the last Sunday Mass he will be at as well and I am currently roasting hams and poaching salmon for tomorrow, when my Brother, Niece and Nephew are arriving with my parents for a walk around the local zoo and lunch. There are signs of growth at the moment in the Parish, numbers were good for a bank holiday, but there is still every need to keep tilling the soil every autumn and putting Miracle-Gro down! There used to be a warehouse in Miles Platting which became the Miracles, Healing and Light Jesus Christ Holy Temple of Wonders one day, when no-one was looking. It had a sign outside promising 'guaranteed miracles and healings every week' which I thought was good, maybe they could give us some tips, if we can find them, but they seem to have gone and been replaced with the 'Lighthouse Ministries of Joy (incl. Jesus Church International), so maybe the miracles stopped coming.

Thank you for your prayers concerning my choices which I have to make for next year. Keep them coming, things are far from clear! I am glad to report that we are to have another blogger in a month or two as well, Simon, who I mentioned before is going to St Stephens House is going to be on the Anglican Wanderings team from September.