Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Assumption at Saint Hilda's, Prestwich.

Yesterday we had a Low Mass in the morning and an evening High Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady. Turnout was good, considering we only returned from pilgrimage a few days previously and we were happy to welcome Fr Lee and his Parish Priest from St Cuthbert's, Darwen as well as Fr Philip Knowles, a friend of Anglican Wanderings and curate in Blackburn. A fair representation of the emerging rump of traditionalists in the North West. We used a fine (and very heavy) sanded cloth of gold High Mass set which was given to me a while ago and which rarely comes out for like most real cloth of gold, it deteriorates slightly every time it is worn.

Simon, our dear friend and parishioner was able to tell us that he will be departing in the middle of September to St Stephen's House, Oxford, to commence his training for the Priesthood, so we will miss him, but are happy that he is to follow God's call. Ken, our Churchwarden, was on holiday, so these pictures were taken by a number of people, including Chris one of our acolytes who will also be serving with his brother at Bolton Abbey later on this month. They are both awaiting important examination results, so much prayer is being said in the hopes that they will do well with the grades they have earned. I am unsure about the sagacity of praying to Our Lady to turn the digits up a few notches, but I have the feeling it may just have happened to me once...

With Simon going and my increased Sunday absences to fulfil the obligations of my course and to enable me to take up invitations to preach elsewhere (I am delighted to have been asked to preach on Ralph Vaughan William's memorial day in a medieval Church soon) we are left with a minor problem after September and a larger one after I go next June and that is maintaining the weekly High Mass which we are proud of and known for. We have to pray that someone comes forward. God will, I am sure, provide as he has always provided in the past. We could do with one or two more servers as well, while we are at it, good sturdy Northern ones who don't flounce off or get precious when someone does 'the wrong thing'. Pray for cherubs in hobnail boots.