Wednesday, 23 July 2008

So What About Lambeth Then?

Looking for Bishops and news, although not very hard.

Yes, I remember, Lambeth. Ho hum. I remember the last one and I shall probably remember this one as well. And I remember saying that we would be providing you with updates as to the goings on. And I see that this has not yet happened. Why is this, you ask? Other sites have all sorts of news so why is the usually well informed AW keeping quiet? Let me tell you, gentle soul.

Firstly, the Bishops have been on retreat for three days. Then they had a nice Mass at Canterbury Cathedral and got on with their group works in 'Indaba' meetings. Indaba is a way of communicating and sharing used in African villages. This may explain why Africa is in such a mess. There have been lots of leaks, unsubstantiated or not and a few Bishops have surfaced to make their positions clear. These fall into two camps, camp one is 'I am right and I demand you apologise' and camp two is 'no, I am right and I demand that you apologise'. This is pretty unhelpful.

Secondly, even the professional journalists in the Press tent have found almost nothing to write about, instead finding humour in the amount of rabbits at the University, or commenting on sleeping or eucharistic arrangements. The few stories which have got out seem to be rather confected tales and you know where to get them if you want them.

My prediction is that this conference, under all the rhetoric and finger pointing, is really about fear of pluralism and fear of Islam. Watch this space.