Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Que Sera, Sera.

Last year's Anglican Wanderings day out. This year's is August 30th, at Bolton Priory, near Skipton, then on to Broughton Hall nearby. Ask us for details.

So here I am, another bright morning dawns and there are things to do which I have neglected over the last couple of days. The newspapers seem to have reached their attention span for Anglicanism, particularly with the Lambeth Conference just around the corner and we wait for direction from our Bishops. The last couple of days seem like a whirlwind of gossip, counter allegation and just plain misleading reports. We have tried to sift them for you and present the most realistic interpretation of the facts as they appear and I believe that we have done it well, although at times we have realised that the interpretation chosen was, on reflection, inaccurate. With so many to choose from, who can blame us? One example was over the whole 'secret meetings with Rome' issue. Has this happened? Who has it happened with? There is still, despite reports to the contrary (which conflict with so many more 'official' reports), no clear answer.

With all this in mind, may I thank the one and a half thousand or so of you who have logged on over the past 48 hours for supporting our journalism. I hope that some of you will add yourselves to our ever growing band of 'regular' readers and that you will like the style of writing usually employed on these pages. We will endeavour to 'round up' the Lambeth Conferences business, as it appeals to us, when that time comes.

Without really wishing it to, the recent news will stay with us, for it affects the team here and will colour our thoughts until a solution is reached. Pray with us that it may be resolved. Pray with me, in that we may find a way, with the intervention of the Holy Spirit and the support of our Bishops, to remain faithful. There will, inevitably, be more news, more communiques, more goings on and we shall let you know what seems to be happening as it is practicable, but we will also attempt to enter into the period of prayer and reflection so earnestly desired and needed at this time. As I said, pray with us and pray for us, whose faithfulness faces a time of trial, as have the men who came before us, unto the foundation of the Church. Let's not indulge in fatalism, I am firmly convinced that there is still a lot of work to be done.