Saturday, 19 July 2008

Pottering About.

Pat cuts her cake.

This morning it was dryish.

Rain induced a pudding.

The view from the top of the moor.

The Hellfire Club. As you can see.

Yesterday it was close enough to the milestone birthday of one of our Holy Ladies of Saint Hilda's to have a party at my house for her. Hence Pat left happy last night and I left this morning with a sore head. I headed for the moors, Saddleworth moor to be precise, which I love, for lunch and a walk. During lunch the heavens opened so I had to stay for a pudding before going out. After a quick toddle about in between showers, I went to the supermarket to get all the booze for a Church BBQ which I am hosting in a couple of weeks. Forty tickets have already been sold and the numbers are climbing, so I am praying for good weather, otherwise it will be a very interesting BBQ indeed. After this was a trip to Majestic Wines for a couple of cases of bitter as well, for a king parishioner has made a very generous donation towards the cost of drink and then home past the Hellfire Club. Pardon? Hellfire Club? You would be right in thinking Sir Francis Dashwood now dead and the Hellfire Monastery well closed down, the site in Medmenham is now housing, but some bright spark has turned the former Junction inn by the cemetery into a members club for people who think they are vampires. Apparently you can be ferried there in a hearse for an extra cost. Tomorrow should be another good day, so there is much to look forward to, whatever our internal politics may suggest.