Friday, 18 July 2008

More Ordinary Times.

The reredos after I finished cleaning them. You can also see the top of the wooden lattice work I repaired, even though I did not know it had gone, it looks as though it has always been there. I think next Epiphany we should show this reredos of the holy house off a little better. Our Lady does look like Cherie Blair, though.

Here you can see more clearly.

This is where I like to sit and think in the mornings, a quiet corner flooded with light from the clerestory windows.

This is from Italy and comes from a closed convent.

This chasuble was made by Browns of Manchester before they closed down a few years back. It is one of the few green sets we have in good repair.

A new green cope came from India, made to my designs by a tailor in Mumbai. We hope to commission a whole green high mass set with the money raised at a party in a couple of weeks.

Now how many slices equate to a Missal?

As promised, a pork terrine!

The rain has been good for the gardens at the front of Church, if nothing else.

The Little Flower.

Hello again. As promised, here are some assorted pictures of life in the last few days as well as the afore-mentioned pork terrine. Quite what new readers would think I do not know, or what a visitor from Mars would think of Anglo Catholics if presented with the evidence of this post. That we are obsessed with detail, pork and vestments, probably. Maybe that is quite a fair assumption, though. No long discursus today into tenuous links between literature and salvific intent, because I am a bit pushed for time and maybe you are as well. Just the repeat of a note I made elsewhere about the recent news stories concerning the Pope and reunion (with us, not the small Island), which is to say this. That Damien Thompson like two things more than any other, firstly he likes bashing the English Catholic Bishops, for their failure, in his eyes, to maintain orthodoxy (as he sees it) and to implement the liturgical reforms of Pope Benedict as well as for their eye for design amongst other things. Secondly he likes bashing Anglican Catholics who remain so after he has deemed it past their conversion date, like a supermarket food discounter. Anything which allows the two things to be done at the same time would seem a particular treat, so treat with caution missives from Damien's attic.